Official Opinions: a lovely Grouposal

Many of us search through the multiple deals on Groupon each day to see what we could find that sounds appealing: $2 for 5 movie rentals from Blockbuster Express: maybe. $129 to go hang gliding: maybe not. $12 for $25 worth of hearty Italian fare: absolutely! But what if you saw an offer titled:  “A surprise for (insert your name) from your (insert significant others name)“. And what if you clicked on the ad out of curiosity and a full wedding proposal was carefully written out. The only thing you need to do is click “Buy!”.

This may seem crazy or a little impersonal, but with the amount of people who incorporate these social tools into their every day life, it seems to fit right in with the world today. In fact, it worked for Greg who used the “Grouposal” to propose to his fiance Dana in early January. Greg had Groupon put a deal on the Cincinnati page titled “A surprise for a Dana from a Greg”. When clicked on, the proposal read facts about the couple, inside jokes they have with each other, and then asked for her hand in marriage. All Dana had to do was click “Buy!”. Although many have claimed that money can’t buy love, on Groupon it seems that it can.

The strangest part about the Grouposal was the message once the “Buy!” button was clicked:

This just makes me wonder, how many people signed up to marry Greg that day, along with signing up for scuba diving lessons, live music events, or $50 dollars worth of sushi for $25.

Do you think this trend will continue? I personally prefer the idea of a more intimate approach to a proposal, but with technology taking over, do you think this social media trend is on the rise?



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