Delivering a perfect event is an art and planning it is a science. Stitely Entertainment has mastered both by planning & executing thousands of unique events. When you choose to work with Stitely Entertainment you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing our team of event professionals will handle every detail to make your vision and the event’s purpose come together effortlessly. Our expert planning combined with our world-class musicians will elevate your event from the ordinary to the exceptional. The music matters; that’s why you choose Stitely.

Corporate & Charitable Events
Stitely Entertainment is among the most trusted and respected providers of live entertainment for corporate and charitable events in Chicago. We’ve provided live music for Accenture, IBM, Abbott Laboratories and Kraft . Our not-for-profit clients include the US Olympic Committee, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Literacy Chicago.

Award Dinners/Dances
Elevate your corporate awards ceremony to an Academy Awards-style extravaganza. We will provide the soundtrack for the entire evening, from dinnertime background music and dance music to ceremonial fanfare for each of the honorees.

There are all different types of fundraisers and each calls for a specific mood. Whether it’s a silent auction, a dinner or dance, we can set the perfect atmosphere musically. We can also create and perform high-energy shows for occasions where the entertainment is the primary draw. Some events present unique opportunities for the music to contribute directly to their success. In live auctions, we’re able to use the music to stir the crowd into a bidding frenzy. In fact, Stitely Entertainment has helped break fundraising records every time we’ve partnered with the auctioneer.

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Delivering a mind-blowing musical performance at an event is an art and planning it is a science. Stitely Entertainment has mastered both by planning and executing thousands of events.

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