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official opinions: crazy character-inspired wedding themes

Hey guys, check out this article we found on Today’s website about a true Disney wedding. Alfred Angelo may have released a line of dresses inspired by the Disney princesses, but this bride really goes all out! In light of this article, we’ve thought of some other character-inspired themes that could make for an interesting day.

Muppets – Give a nod to nostalgia with Fozzie Bear joke cards to keep guests amused during dinner, a jazz pianist to make even Rowlf proud, and plenty of Kermitinis.

Mario Brothers – This one’s for all the gamers out there. Consider a non-traditional Princess Peach-inspired gown, square pixel brownies for dessert, and a photobooth with plenty of cap and mustache accessories! Check out this cute interpretation!

Superhero – Is your groom a Clark Kent or a Bruce Wayne? Or perhaps Peter Parker? Channel your inner superhero to guide the color scheme and vibe of your celebration.

Harry Potter – I mean, how awesome would this be? A wedding on Hogwarts castle grounds, hippogriff taxis for guests who’ve had a little too much butterbeer, oh yeah and using MAGIC to do all of your planning and decorating (instead why not try out an awesome wedding planner!). Am I getting carried away with my imagination? You know you are too.


Official Opinions: Dresses Gone Digital

For years brides have been opting out of the traditional, extravagant, white wedding gown by adding color and subtracting or adding layers.  Wedding dress style trends have changed several times over the years with some styles going in and out of popularity, and others either dying before they start or remaining stable on the fashion radar.  One pretty modern dress idea that caught my eye recently took style to the next level – digital.  This dress, featured in the videos below, surfaced a couple years ago and consists of LED lights in the bottom that not only add color to the traditional wedding dress, but also make it customizable.  How do you think this trend will fair in the wedding fashion world?

— Ebonee, Planning Intern


Official Opinions: My Fair Wedding

Recently I took a trip up to northern Wisconsin in an attempt to have a relaxing weekend out on a lake, soaking up some sun and working on my tan. Unfortunately, the weather did not share my goals for the weekend, so instead I found myself sitting inside on the coach watching TV while the rain poured outside. Throughout the marathon of television I watched that weekend, one particular show caught my attention. The show was called My Fair Wedding with David Tutera. If you haven’t had a chance to catch this program yet, the premise is that a bride, 3 weeks before her wedding, calls in the expertise of celebrity wedding planner David Tutera. The twist is that once he arrives he has the final say on every decision regarding the wedding. I mean EVERY decision, from the dress, to the venue, to the food and music at the reception. He foots the bill of course, which is a luring incentive, but the bride gives up all control over her big day, and doesn’t get to see what David has decided until the day of the wedding.

Aside from being thoroughly entertained by the absurd premise of the show, I was actually really surprised by the results and think brides could really learn a lot from watching Tutera work his wedding magic.

The first lesson to be learned from My Fair Wedding is that any theme can be elegant if done the right way, and there were some pretty crazy ideas on the episodes I watched. For instance, one of the brides was dead set on having a swamp-themed wedding, frogs and all, and David granted her wish. To his credit the event was actually very chic. I bet you never thought you’d hear the words chic and swamp used to describe the same wedding. Unable to use any flowers because the bride was allergic, lots of pretty greens and ivy were used as decorations with water-lily pads used as placeholders at the tables. So, don’t be afraid to bring your own unique personality into planning the theme of your wedding. If a Texas barbecue can be turned into a refined affair as one episode showed, there is no theme to far-out to be elegant.

The next important lesson that can be found in this show is the importance of getting a second opinion. As a bride it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of planning a wedding and begin to get slightly swept away with all your ideas. One episode showcased a bride whose theme included Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Princess, Mardi Gras, and Cajun influences. Tutera centered her wedding around a diva theme, holding the ceremony and reception at a beautiful old theater. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk things out with a wedding planner or good friend to help focus your ideas. The person you choose to confide in might not even need to say anything, just talking out your vision might help you narrow down what you really want the direction of your special day to be.

The thing that surprised me most about this show, aside from the fact that my boyfriend sat through four hours of it, was that the brides were always happy with the outcome. Even though every bride had made the difficult decision to give up all control in regards to her wedding, there wasn’t an unhappy bride in the bunch. Whatever David decided on always ended up being ok because while the dress and flowers are important, what really matters is that you’re getting married. When you’re getting to spend the rest of your life with the person you love, how could everything not turn out perfectly?

Laura, Marketing Intern

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