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Music Monday: “Streets in the Rain” by Sean Kelly

For this week’s Music Monday Eric chose “Streets in the Rain” by Sean Kelly. He is the lead singer for a band called The Samples, which was formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1987, and came from the members’ early sustenance of food samples from the local grocery store.The group’s music can be described as a mix between reggae and rock/pop. Enjoy!






Stitely Soundboard: Stitely’s Valentine’s Dance- Oh What A Night!

I don’t know that there are enough words to describe the scene at Stitely Entertainment‘s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Day Dance last Saturday night. The Mid-America Club was an phenomenal host, with great views both inside and out.

Click here for more photos

The festively decorated interior was filled red and pink balloons, while guests marveled at the view of the city from the 80th floor.  The evening began with a delicious dinner prepared by the Club’s gourmet chef.  While the diners enjoyed their meal, a Stitely soloist serenaded the happy couples with romantic violin music.  It was after dinner that the dance party really began.

The Stitely Orchestra, Chicago Groove Collective and DJ Vincent did a fantastic job of getting everyone, old and young, on the dance floor and keeping them there all night.  As a company with a passion for celebration, it was so great to see everyone out there enjoying themselves, losing themselves in the music and ambiance of the affair.  Everyone had a great time dancing the night away with their friends and/or valentines. Some of the highlights of the evening include the Stitely Orchestra’s showstopping rendition of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.”  Joan Collasso’s voice really brought the house down! And we could not have been happier with the debut of the revitalized Chicago Groove Collective. Their versions of “Raise Your Glass” by Pink and “Only Girl” by Rihanna brought a ton of energy to the dance floor and collected any remaining wallflowers.  Another treat for the younger crowd was “California Girls” and “Groove is in the Heart.”

Stitely guests feeling the music

Another people-pleaser was the photo shoot area provided by Best Friend Photography and Design.  In another area of the Club, Ingid set up a blank background and box full of fun props and let the guests’ goofy antics do the rest.  A huge shout-out to Ingrid and her crew for the fab photos she took of the evening too!

Thank you to everyone who made this evening such a success! It was so great to see some of our past clients, interns and friends dance the night away.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, including our very own Peggy Latko, we missed you and hope to see you next year.

Jeff and the Stitely gang


Official Opinions: Cupid’s Revenge Valentine’s Day Party at McCormick and Schmick’s

Hey all you single ladies (and gentlemen)! This Friday, February 11 from 8:30pm-11:30 pm, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant is having an awesome Valentine’s Day event, Cupid’s Revenge! If you’re looking to meet new people, hear live music (provided by Stitely Entertainment, of course) and enjoy drink specials, hors d’oeuvres and decadent desserts, head on down to the  41 East Chestnut Street location.  Call (312) 397-9500 to reserve $15 tickets, or swing by on Friday for $20 tickets at the door.  Hope to see you there!

McCormick and Schmick’s is located on Chestnut and Rush Street in Chicago’s famous “Gold Coast.” They have an extensive lunch and dinner menu which is updated twice daily so that they are able to offer the best and freshest selections. These selections include more than 30 fish and seafood selections from U.S. and international waters as well as an assortment of beef, chicken and pasta entrees.

And for all you soon-to-be brides out there who are no longer single, McCormick and Schmick’s accommodates both small and large wedding receptions , as well as bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. There are a number of properties that offer beautiful venues and ideal settings for these special events. Their staff is dedicated to providing assistance with the smallest details and offering a unique, stress free and enjoyable planning experience.


Official Opinions: What to do with that old Bridesmaid Dress?

Hey all! I’d like to start off by introducing myself. I am Lauren Stitely Entertainment‘s newest intern! I am a student at Loyola University and have lived in the suburbs of Chicago my entire life. I am a huge Chicago sports fan, especially the Bears and Sox! I am excited to be working with the Stitely team and look forward to bringing you news and posts for the spring.

One of my biggest pet peeves is having a messy and cluttered closet, so I try and clean mine out as much as possible. But what do you do with all of those bridesmaids dresses that you spent so much money on and will never wear again? Or brides, what are your friends going to do with your dress when your wedding is over? One great idea is to make pillows!

I recently read an article about how easy it is to make pillows out of your old prom dresses and thought I could do the same thing with my old bridesmaids dresses. The dresses are usually a solid colored material in nice bright colors that can be used in many different areas throughout the house. I tried doing this with one dress that I would absolutely never wear again this summer, and made myself a nice set of pillow covers to match my comforter in my bedroom. They look awesome! This way I didn’t waste the money spent on the dress and can still look at my pillows and remember the occasion. If this is something you or your bridesmaids would like to do with your dresses, you can just click on this link for step by step instructions on how to do so.

Here are some great examples of pillows made out of bridesmaid dresses: Be creative!


Official Opinions: It’s alive

“You hear that? The scratches, the imperfections, it’s not digital, it’s alive.”

That quote, taken from a television show titled 90210, is in reference to a vinyl record player. As we become more advanced with technology, we seem to increase our distance from reality. From the first live music radio and record players all the way to Internet radio and mp3 players, we have found ways to customize our music and carry it anywhere at the expense of making it less and less real. Even “live” radio is recorded and sometimes retouched before hitting airwaves. We have grown accustomed to flawless playback, annoyed at the slightest imperfection in a track like a minor scratch or glitch causing it to skip even a millisecond of the song. Is this why some people still habitually choose prerecorded music for their special occasions over live music? I believe that when it’s possible, live music is the way to go, and sometimes the imperfections add that special touch, that sense of realness. There is something comforting about being in the presence of live music and seeing the human musicians actually creating the music as I hear it. Live music will never go out of style, and it’s important to take advantage of that. Go to a live concert, visit a club that still hosts live bands and singers, but most importantly, hire live music entertainment for your special events. Give you and your guests something real to enjoy and remember. Whether it has a minor flaw or it’s perfect, it’s alive.

Check out some of these live music events from Chicago:


Stitely Soundboard: We Cater To You

One highlight of the year for Stitely Entertainment was preparing for Tina LeDinh and Bang Trinh’s wedding at the Trump Hotel. It was a magnificent Chicago wedding where everything was done with the utmost amount of class. Laura Patterson from “The Ideal Day” lived up to her name by pulling all the pieces together and running the evening flawlessly.

In our preparation meeting I learned that the bride’s parents, the bride & groom, and many of their friends loved to ballroom dance so we prepared a few Salsa tunes, Cha Chas, Tangos, Rhumbas, Waltzes and of course Michael Buble and Sinatra were their faves. The Michael Buble version of “Quando, Quando, Quando” was their first dance and “Save the Last Dance for Me” was the last dance of the evening.  It was an East Coast Style wedding so we played most of the ballroom dancing earlier in the evening before moving on to the wide variety of music we do: Motown, Classic Rock, 80’s and contemporary songs. At their request we stayed away from Funk and Country.

One of the highlights for me was speaking Vietnamese to welcome everyone. The dance floor was packed with every song we played which makes our job so much fun! The other contributors to the evening were: Flowers by Heffernan Morgan, Amanda Sudimack at Artisan Events did the photos and videography was provided by Fig Media.

It’s very rewarding to me when a parent takes the time to write a letter to us after the event. Tony LeDinh wrote, “Thank you. It was a wonderful evening with great music…Your band gave “first class” entertainment.  We loved it.”

Sweet! I love my job.



Stitely Soundboard: A Reception on the River

On November 20th, the Stitely Orchestra performed at a crazy fun wedding at Fulton’s on the River. Zach Tinkle and Emily Whitson were such a sweet and fun couple. It started with us providing the music and sound for the ceremony. The pianist and violinist prepared “Clocks” by Coldplay for the recessional and the bride mentioned how much that meant to her at the end of the night. Continue reading ‘Stitely Soundboard: A Reception on the River’

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