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Official Opinions: And the winner is…

We are very proud to announce that Stitely Entertainment has been voted by our 2010 wedding clients to the The Knot’s Best of Weddings for another year!  We’ve received this honor in both 2008 & 2009 as well.  We are also the recipient of the WeddingWire Bride’s Choice Award for 2011.  Both of these awards  recognize top wedding professionals who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism, as voted by past clients.

Thank you to our clients for selecting us for this award and to all of our musicians and staff for their contributions that made this year so successful.  Congratulations to all of our vendor partners who also received The Knot’s Best of Weddings award. These are just a few of the great companies on the list:


Stitely Soundboard: Stitely’s Valentine’s Dance- Oh What A Night!

I don’t know that there are enough words to describe the scene at Stitely Entertainment‘s Fourth Annual Valentine’s Day Dance last Saturday night. The Mid-America Club was an phenomenal host, with great views both inside and out.

Click here for more photos

The festively decorated interior was filled red and pink balloons, while guests marveled at the view of the city from the 80th floor.  The evening began with a delicious dinner prepared by the Club’s gourmet chef.  While the diners enjoyed their meal, a Stitely soloist serenaded the happy couples with romantic violin music.  It was after dinner that the dance party really began.

The Stitely Orchestra, Chicago Groove Collective and DJ Vincent did a fantastic job of getting everyone, old and young, on the dance floor and keeping them there all night.  As a company with a passion for celebration, it was so great to see everyone out there enjoying themselves, losing themselves in the music and ambiance of the affair.  Everyone had a great time dancing the night away with their friends and/or valentines. Some of the highlights of the evening include the Stitely Orchestra’s showstopping rendition of Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope.”  Joan Collasso’s voice really brought the house down! And we could not have been happier with the debut of the revitalized Chicago Groove Collective. Their versions of “Raise Your Glass” by Pink and “Only Girl” by Rihanna brought a ton of energy to the dance floor and collected any remaining wallflowers.  Another treat for the younger crowd was “California Girls” and “Groove is in the Heart.”

Stitely guests feeling the music

Another people-pleaser was the photo shoot area provided by Best Friend Photography and Design.  In another area of the Club, Ingid set up a blank background and box full of fun props and let the guests’ goofy antics do the rest.  A huge shout-out to Ingrid and her crew for the fab photos she took of the evening too!

Thank you to everyone who made this evening such a success! It was so great to see some of our past clients, interns and friends dance the night away.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, including our very own Peggy Latko, we missed you and hope to see you next year.

Jeff and the Stitely gang


Official Opinions: Thanks and happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Valentine’s Day Dance this past Saturday night! And thanks again to our fantastic host, The Mid-America Club!  We had so much fun and it was great to join all of you dancers who packed the floor. We even managed to capture a picture of some of the Stitely staff & interns…

What a good looking group!

We’ll be posting more fun party photos and videos so don’t hesitate to check back later in the week. Also, if you have any great pictures of your own, we’d love for you to share them with us! You can email them to or post them to our Facebook page.

To continue with our Valentine’s Day celebrations, here’s one of Rachel’s favorite love songs, Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Official Opinions: Cupid’s Revenge Valentine’s Day Party at McCormick and Schmick’s

Hey all you single ladies (and gentlemen)! This Friday, February 11 from 8:30pm-11:30 pm, McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant is having an awesome Valentine’s Day event, Cupid’s Revenge! If you’re looking to meet new people, hear live music (provided by Stitely Entertainment, of course) and enjoy drink specials, hors d’oeuvres and decadent desserts, head on down to the  41 East Chestnut Street location.  Call (312) 397-9500 to reserve $15 tickets, or swing by on Friday for $20 tickets at the door.  Hope to see you there!

McCormick and Schmick’s is located on Chestnut and Rush Street in Chicago’s famous “Gold Coast.” They have an extensive lunch and dinner menu which is updated twice daily so that they are able to offer the best and freshest selections. These selections include more than 30 fish and seafood selections from U.S. and international waters as well as an assortment of beef, chicken and pasta entrees.

And for all you soon-to-be brides out there who are no longer single, McCormick and Schmick’s accommodates both small and large wedding receptions , as well as bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. There are a number of properties that offer beautiful venues and ideal settings for these special events. Their staff is dedicated to providing assistance with the smallest details and offering a unique, stress free and enjoyable planning experience.


Official Opinions: indie wed is for lovers

For those of you who have never been to a bridal show, they can be overwhelming. Tons of vendors, lots of noise and so much to see that you don’t even know where to begin. But this weekend a couple of us Stitely gals went to Indie Wed to check out the scene, and what we found was a lot fun!

Indie Wed is not your average bridal show.  It caters to couples who are taking “a more modern, edgy, or eco-friendly approach to their special day,” as well as more traditional couples who are looking for unique or hand-made special touches such as custom stationery on recycled paper or crocheted ring pillows.  It was hosted on three separate floors at the Ravenswood Event Center, which is a totally cool space, btw.  If you have never been there, you should definitely check it out!  A converted factory, the space is big with high ceilings and the Showroom has antique cars and old neon signs lining the walls.  It definitely fit the independent, funky, crafty, boutique-like vibe of the show.  They had a ton of different types of wedding vendors ranging from photographers, bakeries and caterers, to fashion, stationery and floral designers.

Rachel at Indie Wed

As the resident bride-to-be, I found a lot of inspiration for my wedding! These are a few of my favorite things from Indie Wed (insert Sound of Music Reference here): I think the item(s) that I enjoyed  the most, the one I will probably incorporate into my wedding, are these incredible button bouquets.  I just love how quirky and interesting these are, and since you can get them by the wire I’m thinking about adding them to my flower bouquets.  At least they’ll last longer than the real flowers. I also really liked these beaded flowers by Ododo Originals. Hmmm, these would look great on my bridesmaids… And this peony pendant by Moira K. Lime would look pretty good with my dress. In fact, it was difficult for me to keep from buying everything in the place!

The Button Bouquet

Carly liked the sassy hair pieces from Lulu Mae and the Bario-Neal rough cut diamond engagement rings. And the amazing dishes offered by Fig Catering, like the succulent braised pork.  A combined favorite was Vavoom Pinups, a vintage style photography studio that specializes in dolling girls up in sweet 50’s vixen outfits with glamorous hair and makeup. This looks like so much fun, I can’t even stand it!

Even though by this point next year my wedding will have passed, you will still find me at Indie Wed.  Not just for the delicious food and incredibly artistic products, but for the awesome ambiance as well. Check it out.

Rachel and Carly


Official Opinion: Trashing the Dress

A new phenomenon that has become not only popular, but also fascinating is “Trashing the Dress”. For years it has been a tradition for brides to seal their dresses up tight after their wedding day and save them for their children to play dress up in and potentially wear at their own weddings. But, with the times changing so hasn’t the wedding dress tradition.

Wondering who started this dirty tradition? A Las Vegas photographer by the name of John Michael Cooper is credited with being the first to try this new type of shoot. Bored of the typical wedding photos, he asked some of his clients to pose in settings that most brides would never dream of going with such a clean crisp white wedding dress and the rest seems to be history.

After months of looking for the perfect dress, fittings, and alterations, brides are now taking their beautiful/expensive dresses and “trashing” them. Paying professional photographers to take pictures of them rolling in mud, running through water, and getting enormous grass stains post wedding day. Depending on how tame or wild a bride may be there are different options as to how badly one may trash their dress (and what will be able to be dry cleaned). From looking at pictures posted on blogs and photographers websites some shoots are subtle walks through the woods while others are what looks to be a fun game of mud volleyball without the net or ball.

With so many different locations in Chicago it is really up to a brides imagination and wildness as to where one may trash their dress in the city. There are the beaches on Lake Michigan, the parks throughout the city, local construction sites (because we know there are plenty of those), and maybe even a trip out to the suburbs where there are more fields and dirt to roll in.

So if you chose to get some of these unforgettable images shot I have made a list of photographers who offer the shoots, help you pick the perfect location to get as dirty as you want, and have pictures of past shoots to share.  Enjoy!


Stitely Soundboard: Jewish Weddings

The Stitely Orchestra has done several Jewish events in the last few months and all of them have been phenomenal dance parties. I love how people come to celebrate and jump on the dance floor as they are entering the room before the bride and groom are even announced. Most Jewish weddings follow the format that we in Chicago call an “East Coast” style wedding. That’s where people dance as soon as the bride and groom are introduced into the room and also dance between dinner courses.

The challenge in leading a band for an “East Coast” style wedding is the tight relationship needed between the catering manager, photographer, planner and band leader.  There are timing issues that are much more detailed and need to be coordinated with catering as the guests are invited up to dance, and later seated to eat the next course. It’s critical that the leader of the band owns the success of the whole event. It involves more than just playing great music. For instance, last week it was time to bring up the Grandfather for the blessing and the Motzi (bread) wasn’t anywhere to be found. Most band leaders would have introduced the people without even noticing, but I looked for the Motzi, and before making the announcement, asked why it wasn’t there only to find out that the bride’s Aunt was supposed to bring it but didn’t. I went into the kitchen and asked for the biggest roll they had and a cloth napkin. Within 90 seconds we were good to go and everything went off without a hitch. It’s all the little details being handled that make a complex evening go flawlessly and we are committed to doing exactly that.

As the salad was being served, we started playing what was planned as background music but BAM, the dance floor filled up. That’s the kind of situation where you go with the moment and let an event go in the direction it wants to go. It ended up being non-stop dancing all night except while the guests were eating their entree. It’s parties like this that are so much fun for us and for everyone else involved. The best part for me is when all the players involved are committed to making everything work and know how to keep a positive energy going no matter what happens.


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