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Official Opinions: Music Monday Bob Dylan

Today’s Music Monday pick is a blast from the past! Carly chose a song by Bob Dylan, “A Song to Woody,”  one of the first ever songs released by the legendary singer-songwriter. It was released on his debut album in 1962 and was written for Woody Guthrie one of his biggest idol’s. Enjoy this Monday’s oldie!


Music Monday: “Streets in the Rain” by Sean Kelly

For this week’s Music Monday Eric chose “Streets in the Rain” by Sean Kelly. He is the lead singer for a band called The Samples, which was formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1987, and came from the members’ early sustenance of food samples from the local grocery store.The group’s music can be described as a mix between reggae and rock/pop. Enjoy!






Music Monday: Marry Me By Train

For this music Monday I chose Marry Me by Train. The song is on their newest album “Save Me, San Francisco” which came out in 2009. It’s great for all you soon to be  brides out there! It’s one of my favorites right now and seems to always put me in a good mood. The music video is also so so cute so you should check it out!


Official Opinions: chicago music playlist

Music. It’s what fuels life. Music can alter emotions, move a crowd, bring a smile, and simply complement your life. It is so strong in fact, that often times I will be sitting on the train, walking through the city, or spending time with friends and hear a song that fits so perfectly with the moment that it is as if my life had a soundtrack. I believe though that everyone’s life has a soundtrack to some extent, be it music or the bustle of trains mixed in with city sounds.

Chicagoans are very fortunate to be surrounded by music. This is a city that has more street performers, live music events, and start-up bands than you could count. For this reason this blog will be dedicated to those Chicago artists that may not be as known. Give them a listen. They may end up in your playlists or your life soundtrack.

1. The Bright White – Red Summer Rose

2. Gaberdine – 1918

3. I Luv Luv Birds – Flicker

4. California Wives – Blood Red Youth

5. Smith Westerns – All Die Young

6. The Corduroy – Lines

7. Emblems – To Your Door

8. Paper Arrows – Look Alive

9. The Congregation – Save the Wine

10. Dastardly – Villain

Any other Chicago bands to listen to? Leave a comment, I would love to listen.



Official Opinions: The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard

I love sharing new music with people – I really do. In fact, I almost like giving more than receiving, because I really enjoy when I can open someone’s ears to a great artist they’ve never heard of before. In the spirit of sharing new music, I’m going to share a playlist of 25 of my lesser known favorites! These bands and artists are all great and you should check them out when you get a chance! Click the “continue reading” link to see the list!

-Derek, Marketing Intern Continue reading ‘Official Opinions: The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard’


Official Opinions: Summer Workout Playlist

Summer is the time of shorts, tank tops, and of course the dreaded swimsuit, so it’s no surprise to see people working-out more than usual. It’s the best time to be active outside and enjoy the warm weather that is so fleeting here in Chicago. With the summer months soon coming to an end, I’ve realized I’ve missed the boat on getting in shape for this season. Even so, there’s no time like the present to start a new workout routine, and nothing motivates me more than some good tunes. Music really has the ability to make or break a workout. While listening to a heart-pumping song I feel like I could run forever, but without my headphones it seems I can’t go more than a few feet before I get bored of the sound of my shoes hitting the pavement.

Here are the current songs on my workout playlist. They keep me energized and surely will do the same for you. Feel free to add some of your favorites as well. I’m always looking for new songs and would love to hear from you!

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Official Opinions: 4th of July Playlist

It’s 4th of July Weekend, the weather is supposed to be beautiful, you’ve got a cooler full of ice cold beverages, the grill is lit and ready for burgers, hot dogs, brats and chicken and you’ve got people coming over for quite the party and some fireworks to follow – but what’s missing? The tunes. Don’t be left with a lame playlist for your BBQ, have your guests complimenting your iTunes DJ’ing AND your skills as the grill master.

After the Cut (click the “Continue Reading article link at the bottom of the post!) there’s a mix of 50 Classic Party Rock songs – all great for a day outside at the grill and all great for a party!

Have a fun and safe 4th of July from everyone here at Stitely Entertainment!


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