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Official Opinions: It’s alive

“You hear that? The scratches, the imperfections, it’s not digital, it’s alive.”

That quote, taken from a television show titled 90210, is in reference to a vinyl record player. As we become more advanced with technology, we seem to increase our distance from reality. From the first live music radio and record players all the way to Internet radio and mp3 players, we have found ways to customize our music and carry it anywhere at the expense of making it less and less real. Even “live” radio is recorded and sometimes retouched before hitting airwaves. We have grown accustomed to flawless playback, annoyed at the slightest imperfection in a track like a minor scratch or glitch causing it to skip even a millisecond of the song. Is this why some people still habitually choose prerecorded music for their special occasions over live music? I believe that when it’s possible, live music is the way to go, and sometimes the imperfections add that special touch, that sense of realness. There is something comforting about being in the presence of live music and seeing the human musicians actually creating the music as I hear it. Live music will never go out of style, and it’s important to take advantage of that. Go to a live concert, visit a club that still hosts live bands and singers, but most importantly, hire live music entertainment for your special events. Give you and your guests something real to enjoy and remember. Whether it has a minor flaw or it’s perfect, it’s alive.

Check out some of these live music events from Chicago:

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