Official Opinions: Docs that Rock Take 2

A few weeks ago Stitely gave you some of the most famous music documentaries and rockumentaries that changed the way we see music. This week, we’re giving you some of our personal favorite music documentaries!

1. When You’re Strange – 2009 by Tom DiCillo

This documentary exploded on to the film festival circuit when it first appeared at Sundance claiming it was going to tell the real story of The Doors which was a direct reference and remark back to the 1991 biopic about the Doors staring Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison.The documentary looks at archived footage from all the band members and brings out a truer sense of how everyone’s minds worked in the The Doors than what was featured in Oliver Stone’s 1991 biopic. Sorry Val, this one got a Grammy and was nominated for an Emmy.

Choose a disc by hairstyle

Choose a disc by hairstyle

2. The Beatles Anthology – 1995 by Geoff Wonfor

This 8 episode disc set features anything and everything you can think of as a Beatles fan. Going chronologically each disc represents a different time in The Beatles life and style choices. It’s a must see for Beatles junkies and relaxing long strokes of pure musical genius for everyone else. The only problem with this documentary of the performances of the Beatles is it’s so long there’s no way to watch all 8 episodes of the band’s life in one sitting. This is a multi-day challenge.

3. Flight 666 – 2009 by Sam Dunn

Metal music is awesome, it’s a known fact that metal fans are some of the most die hard fans out there in the music world. The concerts are gigantic and the band have all kinds of wild dreams to make their fans go crazy. The grandfather of metal rock, Iron Maiden is still in the game of music tours and they are still coming up with new ways to showcase their music. This documentary follows Iron Maiden band mates around as they figure out how to pull off their tour around the world with some concerts on a 747. That’s right, concert, mid-flight, flown by one of the band mates, because why not have a pilot’s license as well as being a metal god? It’s an interesting ride as they prep for their concerts and how they really pull off this stunt.

4. Marley – 2012 by Kevin MacDonald

The most recent of the documentaries on our list is all about Bob Marley, his family and the music he shared with the world. By interviewing his family and retelling the story of Jamaica’s pride hitting the big time in the music business everyone gains a new and better understanding of the man behind the movement of reggae.

Look at these Gods

Look at these Gods

5. This is Spinal Tap – 1984 by Rob Reiner

We saved the best for last. Technically, this isn’t a Rockumentary. Instead it’s a mockumentary of a rockumentary. Meaning it’s fake, but the film runs its show so closely to the real thing it could pass as the real deal. The movie follows rock group Spinal Tap claimed to be ‘the world’s loudest band’ around on an American comeback tour. Like many rockumentaries there is scandal, crisis and of course performances and music. Music so awesome and loud they go to 11.


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