Official Opinions: Weird Wedding Rituals

Some traditional wedding events couples partake in include such classics as a first dance, bouquet toss, bridal shower and so forth. Here at Stitely we’ve run across some not-so familiar traditions out in the rest of the world that made us ask, “why!?”and we thought we’d share some of the fun with you!

Romania -Bride-Napping

This article is what started our interest into these wedding traditions and we couldn’t stop from there. In the middle of your big day how would you like to be whisked away and held for ransom until your knight in shining armor can take you back? In Romania’s capital, Bucharest, this game of ransom is gaining popularity and has become a scheduled part of the wedding day. In the middle of the reception the bride gets taken away by family and friends in a mock abduction until the groom can win her back. The family and friends set what the groom must do in order to get her back. The ransom can be anything from bottles of alcohol, to serenading his love to his bride or sometimes cold hard cash.

This tradition adds some heroic action to the nuptials and is a great story to retell later in life. Oh, did we mention for some kidnapped brides she gets a photo shoot with her kidnappers who have fake guns on hand?

Best. Day. Ever.

Scotland – Blackening the Bride

Best family ever

What is that?

On her wedding day a bride is perfect, she’s the diamond in the room. In Scotland before that lovely lady walks down the aisle a bride gets treated a little differently.

Blackening the Bride is a pre-wedding tradition where family and friends decide a day of their choosing to throw anything they find god-awful and disgusting on the bride. The substances can be things like garbage, spoiled food, mud, and other equally attractive semi-liquids. After being covered head to toe in this concoction family and friends parade the bride around town clanging pots and pans to announce the wedding.

Why the public humiliation and ruined clothes? The Scots believe that this act of public humiliation will prepare the bride to face all future difficulties and humiliations with ease since nothing could come close to this level of  embarrassment. In an odd way, that makes sense, but we still wouldn’t want to be blackened any time soon.

That’s the two for today, check in later for more weird wedding traditions in an upcoming post!


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