Official Opinions: The Top 7 Reasons To Book Your Holiday Party NOW


With temperatures hitting a high of the mid-80s’s this week, it may feel a little early to start thinking about your holiday party. However, in the case of planning a Chicago event, the early bird definitely gets the worm. Charles Cotton, an independent expert from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development‘s expert on staff rewards, says:

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“As ever, employers need to think about why they are providing a (holiday) party in the first place. If it is to recognize the collective contribution of their employees then what are the alternatives and are they more effective?”

       If holding a (holiday) party is the most effective way of achieving this then employers should be wary about scrapping them in response to the economic downturn because the long-term impact could be damaging on employee engagement and organizational performance.

      The (holiday) party is one way of reminding staff that they are part of a common endeavor.”

Ultimately, ROI is the bottom line, so here are a few thoughts on the value of holiday parties and a few ways in which you can help in justifying the budget.  Although the cost may seem high, assuming a holiday party costs say $100 per guest and the average salary in a company is $40,000, then the cost is tiny relative to other costs.

  1. Book EARLY, the best bands and other forms of entertainment get scheduled earlier and earlier.  Don’t get stuck with a jug band you found on lower Wacker because you put it off till Thanksgiving!
  2. By booking well in advance you are much more likely to get the date you want, and not end up having your party on a Thursday in January.
  3. If you plan ahead, there will be sufficient time for all your employees and staff to organize their own schedules to anticipate your party.  Babysitters, travel, accommodations etc. need to get booked early too.
  4. Booking early will put you at ease and come the holidays your mood will be closer to the Whos in Whoville than the Grinch.
  5. Because it is booked and announced in advance, the company holiday party will signal to your employees that things are improving and that you appreciate them.
  6. Booking your venue early means you get the snazzy new place you wanted.  Hip and unique venues should be contacted now to get reserved.  The best places have planners who will help you with your vision for the night. We are also celebration specialists and can assist you in putting the perfect evening together.
  7. START the day with a meeting, then let it morph into a party! A lot of great Chicago venues are ideally suited to staging a daytime conference or presentation before the party to increase the business content of the event. Then, spouses arrive, the party starts and can run all evening with dancing.

Remember that as long as you have a beautiful room, great food and a Stitely Band or DJ playing your kind of music, you are assured a great night!


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