Guest Star: Colin Lyons Photography

One of our fav Colin Lyons photos

When you’ve been in the event industry as long as Stitely Entertainment, you get the opportunity to see some rising stars at an increasing number of weddings. But to say that Colin Lyons of Colin Lyons Photography is a rising star is to diminish what he’s already accomplished. This art school grad has a thriving business and has already accrued a number of awards such as The Knot’s Best of Weddings and WeddingWire Bride’s Choice awards. After sharing a number of weddings together, and getting some FABULOUS photos for own site, we just had to get to know Colin a little better.

Stitely Entertainment (SE): How did you get started in the photography business? What about photography makes you love it enough to do it for a living?

Colin Lyons (CL): I grew up with a professional photographer as a neighbor, and he was my first insight into photography. When technology combined with photography I saw an opportunity for myself. It took two of my interests merged them. At the same time I adore creating good work. Being a part of people’s big day has always been an honor as well. Specifically I love wedding photography enough to do it for a living.

SE: What part of your job do you find the most satisfying and what part do you find most challenging?

CL: Aside from getting to make photographs I really adore the social side of what I do. I often call it catch and release socialization where I meet people, spend four days with them, and then send them back out into the world. I really enjoy meeting so many new people. One of the things that can really make or break a wedding photographer is their ability to be respectful of how important the couples’ wedding day is to them. It is very dangerous to approach the wedding from the standpoint of it being an obligation, and I am constantly fighting to treat every wedding as unique.

SE: How do you distinguish yourself from competitors?

CL: This is of course the grand question for everyone. My photos are lush and bright with celebration. I always share the photos with the couple providing the images on disk, and create a slide show for the couple that has a strong sense of the story of their day. Chicago wedding photographers often thrive in one of two places. Some have really excellent photos, and some are people who you really want to spend your wedding day with. I can successfully combine both strong photography, and personality plus service which is rare.

SE: What is the key to a successful event for you?

CL: Preparation is extremely important. I meet with all the couples approximately the Monday before the wedding.

SE: What is the craziest event story you can share?

CL: One of the weddings I shot had an immensely powerful dance floor, and it all ended with the crowd holding the groom up in the air and dancing to only the sound of their own singing. They stole bottles of liquor from the bar and drank it straight.

SE: Any tips you can give to our engaged clients about how professional photography factors into their big day?

CL: Spending so much time with the photographer on the big day I really believe in the engagement shoot. It is not just a chance to get great photos, but also a chance to build report and learn to be photographed before your wedding.



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