guest star: jamie martinez of stephanie rogers band

Playing tuba, upright and electric bass, Jamie Martinez of Stephanie Rogers Band, has toured across the country playing everything from mariachi choir to musical theater. He has been featured on more than 30 recordings, many of which have had regular radio rotation in a variety of markets. We sat down with Jamie and learned what’s playing on his iPod and what inspires him as an artist.

Stitely Entertainment (SE): What are the five songs or albums you’re listening to the most right now?

Jamie Martinez (JM):

1. Antifogmatic by The Punch Brothers

2. Spirit Moves by Dave Douglas and Brass Ecstasy

3. Sea Sew by Lisa Hannigan

4. Ya Yo Me Curé by Jerry Gonzalez

5. Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street (original cast)

SE:  Who or what inspired you to be a professional musician?

JM: I’m pretty lucky in having a creative family.

SE: What’s your craziest event or gig story?

JM: Hmmm… I’ll go so far as to say that all of my top stories involve bacchanalian behavior and quantum leaps in questionable judgment. It’s probably best if there’s no evidence in print.

SE: Do you have any regular gigs?

JM: The groups I’ve had the pleasure of recently include: A current run of the musical “Always… Patsy Cline,” at Theatre at the Center; my favorite children’s performer Jeanie B and the Jelly Beans; the ever classy Skokie Chicks; an explorative soundtrack ensemble called Dewey Defeats Truman; the funkiest of the funky, Bunky Futt; and last but not cliché-ably least are the blues bands, Tobasko Sound Kitchen and 8 Miles South.

SE: What was your first concert?

JM: My first big concert is still the best. My family went to see Miles Davis at the Hollywood Bowl, Playboy Jazz Festival with Bill Cosby doing the M.C.

SE: If you could share the stage with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

JM: My father.

SE: You’re stuck on a desert island forever. Which three albums do you want with you?

JM: I’d probably be looking to build one of those hand-crank coconut radios that they had on Gilligan’s Island. Having such a limited amount of music would crash my higher functions.

SE: Beatles or Stones?

JM: Sondheim


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