Guest star: The Traveling Photo Booth – Bringing retro charm back to photos

Stitely’s 5th Annual Valentine’s Dance was a hit thanks to The Traveling Photo Booth®! If you’re looking for an amazing photo booth that is fun, user-friendly and prints out gorgeous photo strips (including retro!), then look no further. We sat down with Jeff Hellenbrand, the photo booth guru, who filled us in on what makes for a great reception and how The Traveling Photo Booth can make your event a total blast!

Stitely Entertainment (SE): How did you get started?
Jeff Hellenbrand (JH): The full story is a little long, so here’s the short version: In 2005, The Traveling Photo Booth® was founded by two recent grads who wanted to bring the joy of photo booths to private events. One, an architecture major, and the other, a photography major (both burrito-addicts), turned out to be the perfect combination to create the perfect mix of retro appeal and gorgeous digital photography. From the very first wedding reception, the photo booth was a smashing success. Since then, we’ve been trying to grow fast enough to meet demand.

SE: Why are you still doing it?
JH: We love photo booths. And along the way, we realized we had the opportunity to create a really special company, based on delivering unbelievable service, really pretty pictures and taking care of our employees. It’s an honor to be part of such an innovative, close-knit culture. All that, and we really don’t want to have to update our resumés.

SE: What part of your job do you find the most satisfying and what do you find most challenging?
JH: Great question! The most challenging aspect of my job is probably rolling with those last-minute punches like when the venue decides the photo booth should be in a totally different spot than planned. That’s really exciting to me, though, because it gives us an opportunity to make the venue really happy and still deliver a perfect experience so that the bride and groom are totally thrilled. Don’t get me wrong – I love when everything goes smoothly (and it almost always does). But I think it’s really rewarding to take a big logistical challenge in stride so that the show can go on (without event guests ever knowing). We try to prepare for every contingency, so it feels really good when that pays off.

SE: How does your company stand out?

JH: We’re pants-optional. Okay, seriously now. We bring passion. Our photo booth experience is second to none. We’ve spent countless hours perfecting every detail of the machine and the crisp, photo strips it prints. Brides love us because we deliver gorgeous, retro photo strips. And being the oldest photo booth rental franchise in the country, we’ve seen it all. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that we have unique features (patent pending) including SuperTones®, SplitTones®, the Disappearing Curtain, On-Site Reprints, a big video preview and free downloads.

SE: What makes for a great reception?
JH: Well, an open bar doesn’t hurt. The perfect party is unique, fun and memorable. As the folks at Stitely Entertainment know (and have perfected), the best moments of the night are when the guests lose track of time and themselves and just cut loose. The dance floor is a great place for that. Behind the curtain of the photo booth is another perfect opportunity for guests to be themselves and open up. The best part is that they get to take home all of those memories in the form of photo strips (which is great if things are a little hazy the next morning).

SE: Any photo booth tips you can share with our engaged couples?
JH: Definitely. Get in the booth early and often at your reception. The number one (okay, the only) regret we hear from brides is that they wish they would have gotten in the photo booth more often. And it’s a good idea to have at least one cute photo booth picture of the two of you (while you’re still fresh) for your thank you cards.


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