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Guest Star: Derrick Procell is “Rockin’ Right at Wrigley”

Derrick Procell, the vocals and harmonica guru in Chicago Groove Collective, has yet another amazing talent: potentially creating the new theme song for the Chicago Cubs! WGN is currently holding a contest to find the new theme song for the 2012 season and Derrick knew that his song “Rockin’ Right at Wrigley” could be the one to beat! Featured in this TribLocal article, Derrick’s fans show that they were convinced that WGN should close the contest since they “found the winner” (i.e. Derrick’s song!) We think so too, Chicago!

Derrick has had quite the musical background before working here with Stitely Entertainment. We sat down with him to learn more about his creative process with lyrics and how he knew that “Rockin’ Right at Wrigley” would be a hit. Enjoy!

Stitely Entertainment (SE): When did you first start writing songs? Tell us about your musical background!

Well… my mom tells me I used to whistle in my crib. I don’t know if they were original songs, but I’m guessing they were. I took piano lessons through grade school. We did not own a piano, but I practiced at the convent of the nuns who taught me. Needless to say, I had to play it by the book lest the good sisters heard that evil rock & roll. That lasted just about til the time I started making up my own songs.

From there, it was the British invasion and no looking back. Band after band…mostly cover bands…until I joined a new group in Milwaukee, Arroyo, that specialized in country/rock and originals. We worked a lot throughout the midwest and garnered a lot of recognition and awards. I then fell into the lucrative world of studio singing, bought a bunch of recording equipment and started concentrating mostly on the production and recording end of the business.

Stitely Entertainment (SE): Does anything inspire your lyrics?

Photo Credit: TribLocal

You never know what’s going to inspire a lyric. I like to write for projects… it’s easier to come up with ideas that are focused in a specific direction. I’ve done several music library projects…Alternative Country, Southern Rock, Heartland Rock, 60’s psychedelia, etc. Those were a big fun to try and evoke not only the sound of the music, but the appropriate lyrics.

Sometimes it’s just whatever is going on in my little ‘ole cranium. I just wrote a gospel/blues song for a movie project that came from some very real life experience. It’s called “Back in the Game.” I’d been feeling sort of out of it lately and as I was writing this song I realized that I was expressing some very deep emotions about what was going on in my life. It’s crazy how that works sometimes.

Stitely Entertainment (SE): How did you know that your song, “Rockin’ Right at Wrigley” would be a hit for WGN?

When you hit it out of the park you just know! I’ve got a pretty good knack for a hook and for singable melodies. I’m a bit old school that way.

Stitely Entertainment (SE): What are you up to now? What’s in store for you in the future? What projects are you excited about that you’re working on now?

I’m working on putting most of my music up on the web for sale and building a fan base of folks who are interested in American music. I know that certain genres of music that are American born… Country, Blues, Jazz, etc… are highly sought out and supported by other cultures. Blues artists who can’t get arrested here have huge followings in Europe. I have several collections of music… Country, Heartland Rock, Blues, etc… that hopefully will find a new audience with the proper marketing and promotion. It’s even got a catchy little name….Derrick An American. Go ahead… say it a few times!

Check out this mp3 of “Rockin’ Right at Wrigley” and be sure to vote next week! Voting is not up yet, but be sure to check back on our Facebook page for an update.

Fans will have a two-week period to vote for the new Cubs theme, starting March 2nd. Winners will be announced March 23rd.

Good luck, Derrick! We’re rooting for you!

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