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Featured News: Best and Worst of the 2012 Grammys

Hey, Stitely fans, did you catch the Grammys last night? The 54th Annual Grammy Awards were on CBS and let’s just say they were…interesting. Despite the huge ratings, the so-called “biggest night in music” was far from outstanding and there were too many ups and downs that made the 3 and ½ hour long special almost unbearable. Below are the best and worst features that I thought made the night memorable…whether that’s a bad or good thing!


1) The Whitney Houston Tributes. The death of one of music’s legends was shocking to say the least and the Grammys did a great job of honoring her. With less than a day to prepare, Jennifer Hudson stole the show with her rendition of Houston’s hit “I Will Always Love You.”

2) Bon Iver winning Best New Artist. Before the Grammys started, Bon Iver (real name Justin Vernon) criticized the awards for not including some great, deserving talent…but that didn’t stop him from leaving with two Grammys himself.

3) Adele winning everything else! The “Rolling in the Deep” artist swept the board and was even seen crying so much that she shouted, “Oh, I have snot!” during one of her many acceptance speeches. Too cute!


1) LL Cool J as host. Sorry, LL but it might not be appropriate to call Sir Paul McCartney your “homie.”

2) Dubstep artist, Skrillex was nominated 5 times and WON a Grammy?! Did that really happen?! Well if you want to congratulate him, you can simply give him a call. deadmau5, another artist in the same category, wore a t-shirt on the red carpet displaying Skrillex’s phone number along with the text “u mad bro?”

3) Nicki Minaj’s risky Roman Holiday performance. The “Super Bass” star went all out during her performance, which included a Pope look-a-like, dancing monks and a weird take on 1973’s The Exorcist. Unfortunately, the elaborate spectacle (see below) overshadows Minaj’s true rapping talent.

There were many surprises during the night, including Chris Brown’s infamous and risky return to the Grammys stage and the odd Beach Boys reunion/tribute with Maroon 5 and Foster the People, but all of these weird touches definitely made the night one to remember!

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