Guest Star: Brought to you by The Beatles- Derrick Procell

After seeing the Beatles perform live on the Ed Sullivan show, Derrick Procell knew he wanted to be in the spotlight. Like all artists with whom we work, Derrick has his own unique style that stems from his piano and harmonica background. Whether Derrick is leading Stitely’s Chicago Groove Collective or performing as a piano-vocalist, he is living his childhood dream. In this interview, Derrick discusses his whirlwind of a music career with us.

Stitely Entertainment: What are the five songs you’re listening to the most right now?
Derrick Procell: I don’t know about particular songs… but the five records I’m listening to the most right now are: Glen Campbell- “Ghost On The Canvas,” Fountains of Wayne- “Sky Full of Holes,” Kasey Chambers- “Little Bird,” Tom Petty- “Mojo, and Paul Simon– “So Beautiful So What.”

SE: Who or what inspired you to be a professional musician?
DP: Elvis, The Beatles, and all of the other artists I saw on the Ed Sullivan show.

SE: What’s your craziest event story?
DP: Probably not suitable for general consumption!

SE: Do you have any regular gigs?
DP: They’re mostly irregular.

SE: Do you play in any other groups? Tell us about them.
DP: Occasionally with the Chicago Catz…when they need a white boy rocker who can blow harp. Sometimes I lead my own band under different names. Last gig playing a mix of favorite covers… Steely Dan, Warren Zevon, etc.. plus some originals as Random Act.

SE: How did you become involved with music?
DP: Mandatory piano lessons as a child. Began singing with rock bands in the ’60’s and haven’t stopped since.

SE: What was your first concert?
DP: The Young Rascals.

SE: If you could share the stage with any musician, dead or alive, who would it be?
DP: I’m too humbled by so many musicians out there, but if I could sit in with anyone it would be Little Feat.

SE: You are stuck on a desert island forever. Which three albums do you want with you?
DP: Bruce Hornsby- “Scenes From the Southside,” Jimi Hendrix- “Are You Experienced,” and Weather Report- “Mysterious Traveler.”

SE: Beatles or Stones?
DP: Trick question… Beatles AND Stones!


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