official opinions: Make your company holiday party count

During the blazing heat of August in Chicago, it can be easy to forget that the holidays are slowly creeping up on us again.  Soon the leaves will begin to change and fall then we’ll be right back to cooking turkeys and picking out gifts for our loved ones.  Suddenly we will find ourselves swimming in endless traditions and family meals, rather than a rooftop pool. But of course the holidays are not simply a family affair; it’s a time of year when we get to celebrate with everyone in our lives and that includes co-workers and bosses.  Yes, I’m referring to that infamous annual event:  the company holiday party.

Whether it’s something you dread or eagerly await, for most employees a holiday party is a highly-anticipated event.  You may not realize it, but parties or other office-wide social events can really do a lot for employee morale, which is very important in maintaining a successful business.

So, as a guest or planner, what can you do to improve this yearly event?  How can you take the awkwardness out of a party with everyone from janitors to the CEO in attendance?  It can be a tricky situation, but certainly worth the effort.  Here are a few tips on how to get everyone in your company loosening their ties and enjoying the evening.

1.)  Know your budget!  When you know your budget in advance, you can begin to shape the evening within real expectations.  A big blow-out can be a fun opportunity to have employees invite guests, but a more intimate, less extravagant affair may be more comfortable with just staff members.  Your budget will allow you to determine the number of guests, venue and catering early in the process.

2.)  Know your “vibe”:  The atmosphere you want to create at your corporate party is extremely important.  For a more traditional business vibe, you may want to make a dress code or hold the event at an elegant restaurant or banquet hall. More informal parties can focus on other aspects, such as finding a place with a great deal on an open bar.  Either way, an easy way to set the right mood for your party is through music.  Writers for the staff of PositiveArticles.com put it perfectly in their story on party planning: “There is an amazing relation between music and emotions of the people.”   Make sure your party vibe is fun and energetic by booking your music with Stitely.

3.)  Plan EARLY!:  It may seem premature to begin planning the big holiday shindig while you’re still working on keeping your summer tan, however, you want to make sure to allow plenty of time to nail down the essentials.  You can’t have a party without music, food, and a venue.  Plus, thinking ahead may help you find better rates for the services you want.  Contact us today to find out how much you can save on morale-boosting music for your company’s holiday party!


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