official opinions: A brides guide to big day disasters

Imagine….the big day is here and so is the big thunderstorm..(close your eyes and count back from ten).  You watch your wedding tent blow away in a gust of rainy wind (squeeze that stress ball tight)..Oh no!  Why a storm on today of all days? And the maid of honor spilled red wine on her dress (keep breathing) and your name is misspelled on the personalized wedding gifts you ordered for each guests (stress ball destroyed, permission to freak out!)

Wedding days are generally planned down to a T.  Brides, grooms, friends, family, planners and vendors will spend weeks (usually months) to ensure that every detail is perfect and ready to go.  Though the process is a long one, all that work and preparation can really come together to create a unique and memorable day, tailored especially for that particular couple.

Another likely result of creating and organizing all of those details: disaster!

When  every minute is planned out, it’s almost impossible for everything to run smoothly.   Someone will forget something, the preacher will be late, the weather will turn last minute, the giant tray of catered chicken will tip over…these things happen.  And when they do on your special day, it can be pretty freakin’ frustrating!

But you have to remember as the bride, groom, vendor, or nervous parents of the newlyweds that it is not about what goes wrong on your wedding day, it’s about how you react to the problems that arise.  In fact if you keep your cool well enough, problems may not even seem like problems at all.

Case in point: Natalie and Chris

Stitely had the pleasure of being a part of Natalie and Chris’s wedding, scheduled for July 3rd, 2011.  Because of their smack-in-the-middle-of-summer date, the daring couple decided to hold their party outside at The Anderson Arts Center in Kenosha, WI.

Remember that Thursday night?  The one with the fire-colored sky and golf-ball sized hail?  That was two days before their wedding… and the Friday before disaster strikes!  Literally.  The huge tent that was just put up for their guests was bowled over in an epic thunderstorm that left the whole town with no power.  Natalie and Chris’s in-depth itinerary was suddenly flipped on it’s head, and the two lovebirds were left to pick up the pieces just hours before the big day.

So what did they do?  Freak out?  Yell hysterically at the wedding planner?  No.  This couple decided to keep their heads cool while their picture perfect plans went up in flames.  They packed up a laptop and managed to find a Starbucks that had both power and wi-fi and wrote all their wedding guests and vendors an email that began with a simple quote:

“The story is not a story if it does not unravel” – Bon Iver

They went on to explain the dramatic tale that brought down the tent.  Though the story was an upsetting one, the tone of the message was anything but.  The mood was kept upbeat, and the couple was quick to jump to the silver lining (“god hath saved the Best Western”) and talk about how the show would go on, rain or shine.  Tent or no tent.  They would be there, all smiles, ready to marry each other.

Natalie and Chris did it right.  They took an issue with their plans, a BIG issue mind you, and turned it into nothing more than a funny email and a fond memory.  Sure, their day will be different than they have been envisioning it for months, and there will now have to be a great deal of last minute shuffling to work everything out.  But that’s the funny thing about everything…it always seems to work out.  In the meantime, their go-with-the-flow attitude has not only made the situation easier for them, but for every person involved.  To have a great surf run, you have got to ride the waves.

At the end of the day, wedding are really about the joining of two people who are very much in love.  So screw the rain, the wind, and the power outages and just smile.  It’s your day.


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