Wedding Flash Mob!!

Weddings are all about creating lasting memories. Whether it be an emotional father-daughter dance or a wild time on the dance floor with longtime friends, we all want that special day to live forever.

Thanks to YouTube and a little creativity, the flash mob that broke out during the Nealis’ wedding party this past June will do just that. Stitely got a chance to chat with Shenna Jean, a close friend of bride Lindsey, about how all this came together.

Stitely: So how did this idea come about?

Shenna Jean: Lindsey and I have been friends since high school. Having a surprise at the wedding and making it choreographed so that a bunch of people could join in seemed like a really fun idea.

Stitely: How did you coordinate this without the bride and groom finding out about it?

SJ: One of my friends helped me choreograph the dance and we filmed an instructional video for people and put it on YouTube. To make it easier to learn, we sent the “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” lyrics with some dance moves attached. Names like The Blind Man and The Hawaiian Hula Dancer. We kept it to about 25 people so that the secret wouldn’t get out.

Stitely: Wow, so how were you feeling leading up to and during the wedding?

SJ: Before the wedding, definitely nervousness. The day before the wedding, only about 10 people had confirmed that they knew the routine. But the next day everybody came through and took the half hour or so to learn the dance. As you saw, we probably had more than 25 people participate. So it went from being nervous to being excited really quickly!

Stitely: What was Lindsey and Brian’s [the groom] reaction to the flash mob?

SJ: They couldn’t believe it. It was funny, Lindsey was very easygoing during the wedding. Her only freakout was when “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” came on. She storms over to the band and starts yelling “What is this? This isn’t on my iPod, what are you doing?” One of our friends just walks over to her and taps her shoulder. She turned around and she was thrilled. Smiling, laughing. It was an amazing feeling. The fact we pulled it off was just exciting for everybody.

As you can see, there’s no formula for the perfect wedding – except for a Stitely band and DJ of course. Share some of your creative wedding stories and ideas in the comment section.


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