Official opinions: tips for the penny-pinching bride

Planning your big day is an experience that most brides love.  Although it can certainly be stressful and time consuming, you get the chance to create your own vision for your fiance, family and friends to enjoy.  But as the endless details of wedding planning begin to pile up, so can the price!  From invitations to dresses to food to thank you cards, there are a lot of little expenses that can sneak up on you.

Here are a few tips from your friends at Stitely to help out the cash conscious bride:

  1. Timing is everything:  For couples who have not yet chosen the date of their ceremony, don’t be afraid to plan in the off season.  Sure, everyone loves a beach wedding in June, but a fall wedding in a cozy chapel can be just as wonderful and romantic (and can also result in great photos!) Many vendors offer discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings too. Avoiding prime-time rates on wedding vendors and venues can save you serious bucks on your big day.
  2. Get a pro involved:  Hiring a professional wedding planner may cost you money, but what you may not realize is that it can save you money in the long run.  Planners come with years of experience in the business.  This means they will know how to give you what you want on your budget!  Not to mention they’ll know the best people in the business as far as vendors go.
  3. Don’t fear the department store:  You probably have some very specific requirement that your wedding gown must meet…don’t feel the need to be so picky about your bridesmaids dresses though!  Bridal salons tend to have much higher prices on gowns than a standard department store like Macy’s or Nordstrom, but these stores still carry beautiful and elegant dresses that may fit your ceremony perfectly.  To save even more, look for your bridesmaids dresses around the holiday season when sales are high!
  4. Cater to the kids:  Ask your caterer if they offer children’s plates!  This simple idea is an easyway to trim down expenses (and not waste delicious food).
  5. Get flower frugal:  Flowers can be a major cost on a wedding day, especially if you have a lot of bouquets for the wedding party or if you use flowers as centerpieces.  To cut down the price try to pick flowers that are in season (ie-tulips in the spring instead of roses).  Another simple money saving trick is to choose big flowers.  This means you will need less stems, and most flowers are usually charged per stem.  If you have flowers in your centerpieces, adding cheap fillers like sticks or berries may make it so you need less flowers for each table.
These tricks should be enough to get your money saving started…also make sure to take a look at all your wedding music options (every reception needs a packed dance floor!)

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