Stitely Soundboard: Creating a wedding timeline

Creating a timeline for your wedding is one of the most difficult & detail-oriented tasks to handle during the planning process.  Luckily, Stitely Entertainment has a Planning Department and full-time Event Planning Coordinator to help our clients work through this massive job.  Here are some tips that can get you started, but if you have questions don’t hesitate to contact Carly, our Stitely Entertainment Planning guru.

There are many options for the flow of an evening. You will want to make a decision by what feels best to you. A typical timeline may go like this:

• One hour of cocktails
• An hour and a half for dinner
• Three hours of dancing

Cocktails may last longer than an hour if pictures off site are in the plan. Dinner can be various lengths, depending on the number or courses. Dance time can be adjusted if you and your guests love to dance and party.

Another type of timeline is called the East Coast-style wedding. In this style, there is a flow between dancing and eating. The couple or bridal party is introduced, the couple does their first dance, and everyone dances for three or four songs. Then everyone sits for toasts followed by the first course. As salads are picked up, the bandleader invites everyone to dance for another block of songs. After the next course is served, people take their seats again and eat. You finish the evening with dancing. An East Coast timeline usually includes one hour of cocktails and four hours for dinner and dancing with a full band.

While planning your timeline, make sure to consider the special events that occur during the night and if you want music to accompany them:

• The entrance of the Bridal Party
• Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dances
• Cake Cutting
• Bouquet and/or Garter Toss
• Religious Traditions (Prayers, Horas, etc.)
• Bridal Party group dance
• Songs with special meaning to your group (school fight songs, sing-along songs like “Wonderwall” or “Don’t Stop Believing“, etc.)
• Do you have any musical family or friends who would like to participate? Talk to your bandleader about including them in the set list.
• Last song of the night

You can have songs for these events in mind or talk to Carly if you need suggestions.

Delivering a perfect event is an art and planning it is a science. Stitely Entertainment has mastered both by planning and executing thousands of unique events.  We want nothing more than to ensure that your wedding goes the way you want it to, flawlessly.


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Delivering a mind-blowing musical performance at an event is an art and planning it is a science. Stitely Entertainment has mastered both by planning and executing thousands of events.

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