Official Opinion: Trashing the Dress

A new phenomenon that has become not only popular, but also fascinating is “Trashing the Dress”. For years it has been a tradition for brides to seal their dresses up tight after their wedding day and save them for their children to play dress up in and potentially wear at their own weddings. But, with the times changing so hasn’t the wedding dress tradition.

Wondering who started this dirty tradition? A Las Vegas photographer by the name of John Michael Cooper is credited with being the first to try this new type of shoot. Bored of the typical wedding photos, he asked some of his clients to pose in settings that most brides would never dream of going with such a clean crisp white wedding dress and the rest seems to be history.

After months of looking for the perfect dress, fittings, and alterations, brides are now taking their beautiful/expensive dresses and “trashing” them. Paying professional photographers to take pictures of them rolling in mud, running through water, and getting enormous grass stains post wedding day. Depending on how tame or wild a bride may be there are different options as to how badly one may trash their dress (and what will be able to be dry cleaned). From looking at pictures posted on blogs and photographers websites some shoots are subtle walks through the woods while others are what looks to be a fun game of mud volleyball without the net or ball.

With so many different locations in Chicago it is really up to a brides imagination and wildness as to where one may trash their dress in the city. There are the beaches on Lake Michigan, the parks throughout the city, local construction sites (because we know there are plenty of those), and maybe even a trip out to the suburbs where there are more fields and dirt to roll in.

So if you chose to get some of these unforgettable images shot I have made a list of photographers who offer the shoots, help you pick the perfect location to get as dirty as you want, and have pictures of past shoots to share.  Enjoy!


1 Response to “Official Opinion: Trashing the Dress”

  1. February 13, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    We are Chicago Trash The Dress wedding and event photography. We LOVE what we do. The wedding itself is fun but the real treasure is in the trash the dress session. We can view out latest shoots on youtube at:
    or check out our facebook page at:

    We have had brides do their trash the dress shoot the morning after all the way to a 7 year anniversary trash the dress session! Amazing that anyone can fit into the dress after 7 years but the bride was exquisite!
    We to these shoots as part of our wedding packages as well as we shoot brides who came to us after their weddings for just the shoot.

    Thanks for the listing 🙂 p.s. we are in Evanston as well. 🙂

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