Stitely Soundboard: Jewish Weddings

The Stitely Orchestra has done several Jewish events in the last few months and all of them have been phenomenal dance parties. I love how people come to celebrate and jump on the dance floor as they are entering the room before the bride and groom are even announced. Most Jewish weddings follow the format that we in Chicago call an “East Coast” style wedding. That’s where people dance as soon as the bride and groom are introduced into the room and also dance between dinner courses.

The challenge in leading a band for an “East Coast” style wedding is the tight relationship needed between the catering manager, photographer, planner and band leader.  There are timing issues that are much more detailed and need to be coordinated with catering as the guests are invited up to dance, and later seated to eat the next course. It’s critical that the leader of the band owns the success of the whole event. It involves more than just playing great music. For instance, last week it was time to bring up the Grandfather for the blessing and the Motzi (bread) wasn’t anywhere to be found. Most band leaders would have introduced the people without even noticing, but I looked for the Motzi, and before making the announcement, asked why it wasn’t there only to find out that the bride’s Aunt was supposed to bring it but didn’t. I went into the kitchen and asked for the biggest roll they had and a cloth napkin. Within 90 seconds we were good to go and everything went off without a hitch. It’s all the little details being handled that make a complex evening go flawlessly and we are committed to doing exactly that.

As the salad was being served, we started playing what was planned as background music but BAM, the dance floor filled up. That’s the kind of situation where you go with the moment and let an event go in the direction it wants to go. It ended up being non-stop dancing all night except while the guests were eating their entree. It’s parties like this that are so much fun for us and for everyone else involved. The best part for me is when all the players involved are committed to making everything work and know how to keep a positive energy going no matter what happens.



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