Official opinions: What’s Our Song?

“I look around turn the radio down,
He says, “baby is something wrong?”
I say, “nothing.
I was just thinking
How we don’t have a song.”
And he says,
“Our song is the slam of screen doors,
Sneaking out late tapping on your window.”

These lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “Our Song” address a situation that many women may experience in a relationship, especially when picking music for their wedding and reception.

Music selection is an essential part of planning any event. For a newly-wed couple choosing a song for the first dance of the rest of their lives together is even more crucial. With all the music in the world, it can be overwhelming to choose that one perfect song for that special moment. You want a song that:

  • Fits the moment
  • Is unique to you and your spouse
  • You can play for the rest of your life and never tire of hearing it

Some couples decide to use a traditional first dance song, and some couples fortunately already have an “our song.” However, there are those people who identify with the Taylor Swift song and don’t have a special song in mind. (Unfortunately, the sounds of slamming screen doors and sneaking out late aren’t going to translate into a cool song for your wedding reception, so the song in itself doesn’t give much guidance.)

So, if you don’t have a song that stands out as “our song” or you have too many that are special to you, how do you decide what to use for your first dance? There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. I’d suggest keeping a few things in mind in this special song selection process.

  1. Remember this is YOUR moment. Make sure the song is something that fits your personality, as well as something that you don’t mind dancing to (consider length and tempo). You want it to be enjoyable and comfortable.
  2. Find something that reminds you of good times with your spouse. It’s nice to be able to reminisce about all the times you’ve had together while you’re on the dance floor and randomly over the years to come. Hearing the song later will definitely be a trigger of those special memories.
  3. Don’t worry too much about what your guests will think. If the song you want to choose seems totally out of character for a wedding, but it fits your personality and defines special moments in your relationship, it doesn’t matter if anyone else understands it.

In the end, you should be totally satisfied with your decision, confident that dancing to that tune will only create another wonderful and cherished memory.

Here are 10 songs recently chosen as 1st dance songs at Stitely Entertainment weddings:

“True Companion” – Marc Cohn
“Into the Mystic” – Van Morrison
“God Only Knows” – Beach Boys
“Hold You in My Arms” – Ray LaMontagne
“Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” – Frankie Valli
“Rock With You” – Michael Jackson
“Our Love is Here To Stay” – Frank Sinatra
“Stay With You” – John Legend
“Lucky” – Jason Mraz
“Signed Sealed Delivered” – Stevie Wonder

-Ebonee Tinker, Planning Intern


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