Wedding Wednesday: Tips for the Friends of a Bride-to-Be

Being a good friend isn’t something that many people need to think about, it just comes naturally. But when your best friend is planning a wedding, the rules of friendship can change! The time in my life has come when my friends are starting to get engaged. While this can bring on a nauseating feeling that’s a result of suddenly realizing I’m old enough to have friends getting married, it’s also really exciting to be a part someone else’s special celebration. This past weekend, one of my best friends got engaged and I was ecstatic! I’ve known her since 6th grade and couldn’t be happier for her and her wonderful fiancé!

In the midst of thoughts of wedding dresses, cake, and flowers I got to thinking about what it means to be a good friend to a bride-to-be. I don’t think anyone believes their friend will turn into a bridezilla, but I’ve seen enough reality TV to know that even the sweetest levelheaded girls can break under the pressure of planning a wedding, sending those in her path sprinting to get out of her way.

Now, like I said I highly doubt my friend is going to turn into some crazy controlling bride, but I’m the type of gal that likes to be prepared. Thus, I’ve developed a list of tips that I think will be helpful in guiding my journey as a friend of the bride, and I hope you find them helpful as well.

1. Be Considerate- I think half the stress of planning a wedding is trying to deal with so many different things at once. Something is sure to go wrong, but don’t let yourself be one of them. Simple things, like just being on time, can go along way for calming a bride down. Also be considerate that your friend will probably be more stressed out than usual. Realizing this might allow you to let a few things slide that you would normally call her on.

2. Help keep the bride in check- While allotting your friend a little more leeway to account for her stress levels is ok, you don’t want to let her get out of control. I don’t think anyone wants to turn into a demanding bride but the pressure of the planning process can bring out the worst in a girl. If it were me I’d like to have someone there to let me know when I’m going a little crazy and there’s no one’s opinions I trust more than my best friend.

3. Remember it’s her wedding, not yours- A lot of women have thought about their wedding day since they were little girls, but it’s important to remember that it’s your friend getting married and not you. A wedding should be based on the unique personalities of the bride and groom not the bride’s best friend. Of course if your friend asks for your opinion on something you should answer honestly, but try not to argue. Remember she gets the final say because it’s her day, and that might mean you end up wearing an unflattering bridesmaid dress that’s not your color. It’s her day, but don’t worry you’ll get your day too.

4. Remind her to have fun! – I think this is the most important rule of all, and the true job of the best friend. Planning anything can be stressful, but planning a wedding, which many people say is the most important day of your life, can be downright daunting. Remind your friend to enjoy the process! This should be a happy time; she’s marrying the love of her life. Sometimes being in the midst of picking out center pieces and determining seating arrangements and finding the perfect dress the true spirit of what this celebration is for can get lost on a bride. As her best friend try to remind her of this as well as the fact that she’s been thinking about this since she was a little girl, and she’s finally getting to do it!

So, there are my tips. Hopefully using them will help friends of brides-to-be-navigate the planning process smoothly, and maybe the bride-to-be will return the favor when the tables are turned and you’re planning your own wedding! If you have any other advice I’d love to hear it! Just leave a comment below.

-Laura, Marketing Intern


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